General questions

Are shipping costs included in the price?

No, shipping is added at the end of the checkout.

How long are delivery times?

We can ship your items within 3 days (in stock), or ship bulk order within 20 days (out of stock)

Then it takes about 5-9 days for arriving to you (CHINA-EUROPE)

How can I check my wheels have been dispatched?

Once we ship out the package we'll tell you the tracking package number, you can follow this number from its shipment company site, to know the package status.

What is the warranty on the wheels?

ZeroCx wheels come with 1 years international warranty, from the billing date.

Why are EQUINOX wheels cheaper than other equivalent wheels on the market?

EQUINOX wheels are sourced directly from our own factory and assembled in house. We have no deal with distributors or intermediaries in our supply chain. The resulting reduction in costs makes for the most competitive prices in the market, without sacrificing client support.

I have problems making the payment. Who can I contact?

Payment can be made three ways:

  • Via Western Union
  • Via Money Gram
  • Via paypal
  • Via bank transfer

We prefer bank transfer. Please find our bank details

In case of a problem, leave a message via our Contact form, and we will contact your promptly.

I would like to make a bulk purchase of wheels for my club or team, are there bulk purchase price reductions?

Yes, when purchasing more than a dozen pair of wheels, contact us directly for our bulk purchase price list. The exact bulk purchase price is determined on a case by case basis.

Date / 2012-12-01